How To Lead Your Child To Christ

A simple and complete scripture-based guide to your child's salvation.

About The Book

How to lead your child to Christ is for parents, grandparents, great grandparents, guardians, youth workers, Sunday School teachers, child evangelists, and anyone who desires to establish the Kingdom of God in the heart of their child(ren) forever.

As long as you have a child in your care, this book is for you. It does not matter how old your child is, you can and should take up the responsibility of leading your child to Christ.

Even if you are not a church-goer, the lessons in this book transcends our struggles and battles – it is an easy, do-it-yourself, fail-proof and delightfully applicable guide for the guaranteed salvation of your child(ren).

Quotes From The Author

The salvation of your children is a major weapon in your arsenal as a Christian Parent. It is yours to have and this book will show you how to wield it with precision.

It is better to have a child that is consecrated to God rather than one that is left to run amok and into the hands of the devil who is always a willing predator.

There is a revival sweeping into family units across the globe. God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh. I came to announce that revival and prepare the way for God’s great move in your family.

God wants children and not visitors.


    I found the KUCD Model for leading your child to Christ so enlightening and I know it would work for you. In truth and by Scriptures, the undercover strategy of God is to raise parents who will be His partners in spiritual discipleship to build an end-time army for the Kingdom of Light. I pray you will be a valiant vessel in the hands of the Lord, and this Book would be a Blessing! Amen.

    Debola Deji-Kurunmi President, Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance

    My heart and soul have been restless for a while now. As a mum of 5 terrific children, I have been worried sick about finding the time to teach them how to experience God - that wholesome intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Imagine the rhapsodic feeling when I got to God's Corner. Thank you so much for being a vessel of hope.

    Ijeawele Chimamaka Ogbonna Author & Creative Writer, Nigeria

    The Bible clearly instructs parents to teach God's word to their children, herein lies the challenge for parents. How can you fulfil this mandate? What will you say? When should you start? These questions and many more are what Dokun Nochirionye successfully sheds light on in this book.

    Aramide Ogunleye Coordinator, Good News Club, Canada.

    Beyond your Child's salvation, you’re also blessed with the framework to redeem your child’s spirit, soul and body such that they are daily becoming like Jesus and bursting forth with the fruits of the spirit to ultimately be the kings and priest they were called to be. I enjoyed the flow of the book so much that I could not put it down until I finished it.

    Obiageli Egbo United Kingdom

    How to lead your child to Christ taught me why I must be intentional about my child’s salvation and ensure that I position my child as a tool in the hands of God. Even if you are yet to give your life to Christ as a parent, this book has got you covered.

    Temitope Falade-Aderibigbe Founder, Mother’s Haven Network

    The book shows you how to introduce your child to the ministry of The Holy Spirit and remain connected to Him. The author has clearly poured her heart into this. I especially love that as God led her to write this book, He also gave her the testimony in her life. The teaching guide is invaluable to parents who aren’t sure of what they should be teaching their children about salvation.

    Amaka Odunnowo Founder, Deliberate Christian Parenting & The Purposeful Christian Wife

      About The Author

      Dokun Nochirionye is fondly known as Mrs Noch. She is a child evangelist and parenting coach. Mrs Noch went from being a teen leader in church to becoming a youth coordinator, teen mentor and a devoted teacher in the spiritual discipleship of children. 

      As a young Mom of African descent who is now raising toddler and pre-teenage boys, she has become a valiant voice and vessel of God in the family system. Through her work as a parent educator, she is on a mission to help African immigrant families raise equipped and wholesome children who will thrive and take territories for Jesus. 

      Mrs Noch is passionate about transforming families. She stewards God’s revival in families through her spiritual discipleship tools – online children’s bible school, webinars, masterclasses, weekly newsletters, affirmations, eBooks, published books, coaching and mentoring programs. 

      Founder of the Biblical Parenting Academy, she serves African families in the diaspora by equipping parents with bible-based knowledge and practical tools for parenting in this generation. 

      She is an esteemed speaker, coach, writer, community leader, minister and family life strategist. She makes her home in Ontario, Canada with her wonderful husband Chiemeka and they are raising two Kings for God.